Blockchain Democracy – SCOTLAND NEEDS IT RIGHT NOW

This article is dedicated to Gold Dust woman. With thanks for the trip of a lifetime x

The Merchant of Venice is a 16th-century Shakespeare play, in which a merchant in Venice must default on a large loan. Critics describe it as one of Shakespeare’s great comedies. LOL

By virtue of circumstance, Twitter: @YesDayScotland flew in to Italy, and was able to visit and consider the irony of Venice in the modern era of the year 2017. In itself, the society of the city is very clearly a modern era comedy.

We considered the societal structures of Venice over the last 5 decades, and what lessons can perhaps be learnt for the future of Scotland. Our findings are devastatingly simplistic. Because never before, have we ever seen such evidence of a city society sadly reaping what it sows.


In the days leading up to travelling, we had written Scotland’s first ever published media article on #BlockchainDemocracy – Blockchain: Ultra-niche and Über-cool White Hot Innovation for Scotland We had noted all initial shares, and twitter acceleration, with the usual global perspective. We also noted the article was flawless, in terms of reader perspective. No comments at all! In a forum comprising of technology evangelists, on that basis alone the subject matter is resolutely totally nailed.

Our visit also further timed with the confirmed and intended publication of Scotland’s first mainstream media #BlockchainDemocracy article. It was time to reflect on where we were, and to again thank the many who have had an input into our voluntary ongoing narrative on how blockchain potentials can so dramatically assist Scotland.


Venice, as a lived-in city, is dying. A population which peaked at 164,000 in 1931 is now hovering at around 55,000. There are annual tourist visitors of 28 million, daily average heading 77,000 – so it’s a safe bet that most days there are now more tourists than locals in Venice.

The population has declined so dramatically, because the price of property has accelerated so much. And it has accelerated because of tourism.


A 2 bedroom flat in Venice is €210,000 Euros. However, 20 kilometres away in Treviso, for example, a same size flat can be purchased for €75,000 Euros.

How would you feel, to be a Venetian grandparent being told by your now grownup grandchild, that they had taken a decision to move out of the city in which they had grown up, out of financial necessity. You’d be somewhat perturbed.

And the bottom line reason your grandchild had to move away? Tourism. And the cause of tourism, is tourists.

This has therefore bred a culture in which many (but not all) Venetians are ambivalent at best, towards tourists. And at worst and stated as a generality, they are flippant, dismissive, and unwelcoming. They actually resent the tourists. ‘Why bother with the pursuit of excellence, when today’s Japanese punters will be replaced with another 75,000 different punters tomorrow, it isn’t like we have to turn anyone into a repeat customer, in order to sustain what we do?’

The end result are tourism systems designed to shunt tourists en masse, from one expensive parting of cash to another, and then to repeat again the next day. Groundhog Day for Venetians. Tempers in Venice boil over in tourist high season

But in no way do the generalities really overly detract from the experience of being a tourist. Venice is incredible, mind-blowingly beautiful, so much so that mere words cannot convey how utterly unique and jaw-dropping the architecture is. It is also romantic beyond belief.


Have a ride on a Gondola. 80 quid for 30 mins. Your Gondolier will probably be fourth or fifth generation on that gondola. He (for there are no She’s) earns €150,000 per year. That’s why he’s singing! He’s singing because he can afford to live in his own city!


If you know where to look, you will find touristic world class excellence. Lunch in the legendary Harry’s Bar, for example. Menus largely unchanged in history. Home and birthplace of both bellini, and carpacchio. A scampi thermidor main course, yours for 68 quid. And, in a one off context, surely worth every penny. 14 tables, 10 waiters.


As per our twitter feed, we were there on 5 Star luxury trip. Each morning, beginning with yoga at sunrise, on the highest hotel roof terrace in the city, marvelling in totality at the simply incredible jaw-dropping 360 views. Then taking a cool down swim in the adjacent pool, a rooftop location which defies belief. Whilst the swimming was happening however, we were very much reflecting on the accumulating history of Venice itself.


And so to the point of this article. If the people of Venice from 50 years ago, were to look in their crystal balls back then, would they approve of what has now happened to their city population today? No they wouldn’t. And would they have taken action, to stop it happening. YES they probably would.


Our days in Venice ended each night in the highest rooftop bar in the city. Very VERY cool, no doubt about it. Our final night ended with a nip of Oban malt, 18 quid. We raised a glass to the north, in Scotland’s direction. And we said, ‘If Scotland embraces #BlockchainDemocracy today, things will certainly potentially be very different in 50 years time’.



Scotland seemingly has politicians who are hell-bent on another archaic paper slip referendum, with 21st century citizens, interacting with 19th century institutions, based on 15th century information technology. Over the course of a single day vote? Pathetic.

We ask you this. What has changed since 2014, to accelerate YES? More people will now say YES to Indy, because of Brexit? You reckon? Oh but hold on, in 2017’s general election, the SNP somehow lost 500,000 voters? Blimey. Are those people all proBrexiteers?

Furthermore, Unionists now have the added ‘arsenal’ of the totally incredible power of social media dark adverts, albeit 2017’s election activity is now being investigated by the ICO.

We then have the House of Lords, and their proposed New Act of Union, now very much in progress. Rest assured the entire might of all mainstream media will be placing behind this, seeking to terminate Scotland’s Independence, forever.


Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 14.55.03

And what about Scotland’s 800,000 non-voters from 2014? That’s 18% of Scotland’s electorate. Will they vote the next time? We don’t think they will. We’re talking about a mostly impoverished demographic, and we’ve seen Zero to suggest there’s any way that all these people will miraculously be ‘triggered’ into appearing at polling stations.

Have Scots wisened up to the reality of cicumstances. No they haven’t. Some people say that Scotland is now a politically-educated nation? We completely disagree. Most Scots are, and we use the word in a polite way, ‘misinformed’. Half of Scots didn’t vote in the 2017 general election. All four recent by-elections have had sub 32.5% turnouts, with Cardonald 2017 most recently the worst at 23.7%. These are not the combined and fermenting launchpads to deliver an 85% YES to Scotland Independence!!!!!

This is all why, if Scotland’s YESSERS want Independence, they need to be enabled with #BlockchainDemocracy for a few months, so that tens of thousands of YES activists can do whatever needs to be done, to deliver a population YES majority. Door-to-door, Scot to fellow Scot. Build it one single vote at a time. And entrust the people to nail the result.

Scotland’s Independence is actually a sideline discussion point on our twitter, as the main aspects are absolutely centred upon modern technology’s capability to peacefully resolve mass conflict.

Today however, we politely point out to Scotland’s YESSERS, that if Scotland doesn’t use #BlockchainDemocracy to nail an Indy majority, we’ve seen nothing whatsoever to convince us that a second referendum will see YES prevail. To the contrary, we believe that Unionists will find a way to buy the results, and that No will win, and Unionists will then very clearly seek to enforce their New Act of Union upon Scotland. These combined circumstances would make Venice’s current comedy seem like a kindergarten picnic.

If we don’t act, we’re aligning a future Scotland with a retrospective and sad ongoing comedy, leaving those Scots 50 years from now, wondering what on earth WE were all doing? They’ll wonder, ‘Where was their common sense, where was their belief in themselves and each other, and where was their conviction that they could stand with absolute excellence on a world stage?’ They’ll also wonder why we didn’t pull together, to deliver a much better and happier future for the generations who will follow.

The SNP have their October conference in a few days time. Accelerated democracy is confirmed on the agenda. But blockchain-accelerated democracy isn’t? Folks, blockchain is clearly accelerating with massive worldwide prevalence, so can someone in the SNP please do what needs to be done to get everything kick-started. The fact that blockchain democracy isn’t even on the agenda, – it’s pathetic and embarrassing. Is the core of Scotland’s YES side so insufficiently energised, that it can’t even get anything started?

#BlockchainDemocracy is the physical mechanism to centralise and then nail a population YES majority. Get to it folks.

How does Blockchain voting work? Here’s a quick film clip, in relation to the potentials for Scotland. Genesis for Scotland’s Blockchain on YouTube!

All best wishes

Twitter: @YesDayScotland

Scotland memories beside a Venetian rooftop swimming pool:


Five recommendations for Venice, especially if you are seeking the real authentic Venice food and wine:

Osteria alla ciurma wine bar, S. Polo 406, Rialto, calle Galiazza

Bacarandao in Corte dell’Orso, San Marco, 5495

Cantina do Mori, S. Polo 429, Rialto

Osteria Antico Polo, Rialto 778

Osteria Al Sacre e Profano, Portic di Rialto, S. Polo 502

And a nice place for lunch, on one of Venice’s squares. Ristorante S. Stefano, Campo S Stefano (gia Morosini), 2776

All best wishes


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