#Blockchain #Democracy – Questions for Scotland’s Politicians and Journalists

Many thanks to everyone who input into our recent project for Business for Scotland. How Blockchain technology can transform voting in Scotland published last week, and it went Viral! We’ve seen it shared from USA, South Africa, Canada, India, and Stornoway!

Creatively, 6 people were involved with the BfS article, over 2 months, and through 3 distinctly different edits. It’s really great to see that it has been so widely shared.

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So, onwards we go.

The article even led to a first Scotland newspaper mention, regarding blockchain voting. That’s wonderful to see.

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Yes indeed, #Votem have already successfully trialled blockchain voting with 2M Americans. But, can technologists now finally overcome any remaining existing regulatory, compliance or technical issues, so as to render blockchain with capability to be used worldwide, for elections on the scale required by countries?

Here in the UK for example, we can tax our cars online, without any issue. So, we’re now simply waiting to see how and when the blockchain vote systems break through the final barriers, to allow full governmental use for democracy. Time will tell. For sure, technologists worldwide are driving that final capability.

Should you wish to research EXACTLY where that technology line is, head over to twitter and check out, for starting examples, the likes of @BouleCoin @HorizonState @FollowMyVote @Votem


In the meantime, and pending delivery of Scotland’s pioneering blockchain vote demo, which has been offered via BouleCoin – it’s relevant for all politicians on all sides to take a wee look into their crystal balls.

If anyone wishes to directly respond, please get in touch. We’re delighted to consider publishing any answers. All with a view to accelerating democratic participation in Scotland.

However, it would be much, MUCH more beneficial, if politicians and journalists can simply talk to each other about evolving blockchain democracy, direct!

The scale of worldwide blockchain acceleration is mind-blowing. Surely, Dear Fellow Scots, it’s time for Scotland to properly join those discussions?

Twitter: @YesDayScotland Q and A for Scotland’s politicians and journalists

  1. There’s massive worldwide acceleration underway with many blockchain vote capabilities. When are you going to address the potentials, and seek to embrace these new modern era capabilities?
  2. There are compliance and regulatory hurdles to be overcome before any part of Scotland’s government can use blockchain democracy. When do you envisage capability being enabled?
  3. Between the combined costs of running paper slip voting for 1 referendum and 1 general election, our twitter caluculated blockchain can save taxpayers a sum of cira £27,000,000 – Do you agree with that figure?
  4. Do you agree that any future referendum on Independence, would be better to use blockchain 21st century technology, instead of paper voting from the 15th century?
  5. Do you agree that Scotland can use blockchain democracy to deliver a worldwide pioneering first, for democracy? Specifically on the scale of measuring desire for Independence, on the scale of a country?
  6. Do you agree that blockchain will help to root out political cronyism?
  7. Due to the 2016 #NationalSurvey, the SNP apparently hold #BigData for 2M Scots, 45% of Scotland’s potential electorate. There now seems to be a grey area, establishing if that data is compliant with the new 2017 ICO guidelines? Categorically, individuals must now provide their prior tickbox consent, agreeing to directly receiving future political messaging. Should political parties consider using blockchain technology to fully re-establish their data, to then ensure it is fully compliant with all future regulations?
  8. Forthcoming 2018 GDPR requirements also need to be factored. Have politicians already considered the implications of ensuring that blockchain political data is compliant with GDPR?
  9. Will political parties use blockchain to accelerate existing BigData?
  10. If, in the process of using blockchain to accelerate BigData, a population majority for Scotland Independence were to define itself ‘by accident’, why would Scotland need any new referendum, if there’s already a physically-defined blockchain-proven majority in place?
  11. It’s obvious that blockchain voting will terminate the ability of political parties, to take tallies of postal votes. What other benefits are envisaged?
  12. Blockchain democracy can measure Scotland’s desire for remaining in the EU. Will you inspire and lead that process?
  13. Blockchain democracy can measure the desire for the removal of Trident. Will you inspire and lead that process?
  14. If citizens initiate blockchain voting for Independence themselves (as wef 14.9.2017 -that now looks possible – see eg Twitter: @NxtCommunity), will policial parties join self-motivated citizens, and accelerate the democracy in relation to Independence?
  15. The entire city of Zug in Switzerland has now enabled digital ID’s and blockchain vote capability for all their citizens. ZUG Blockchain Incredible! Do you agree that the same process should be rolled out across all of Scotland?
  16. Should blockchain voting be used in the future, to ensure that only those who are physically elected, work within Scotland’s Parliament. No more List MP’s?
  17. When Scotland currently has a general election, the turnout is ballpark 50%. Can blockchain accelerate election turnouts, and if so, to what amount?
  18. When Scotland currently has a by-election, the turnout is ballpark 30%. NB Cardonald recently delivered an even more embarassing 23.7%. Can blockchain accelerate by-election turnouts, and if so, to what amount?
  19. What blockchain measures can political parties initiate, to additionally accelerate voter turnout?
  20. Why wasn’t blockchain democracy even on the 2017 SNP Autumn conference agenda? LOL
  21. One more for the road. Our recent article 80 ADVANTAGES FOR SCOTLAND … can you make one additional recommendation to add to that list?

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 15.03.19

Whilst writing, we confirm we’re working on plans with others, to establish Scotland’s inaugural Blockchain Summit. Dates and venue to be announced.  This is a ‘by invitation only’, 3 day event. If you feel you should be on that invitation list, please do get in touch.

All best wishes

Twitter: @YesDayScotland 12.10.2017



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