Twitter: @YesDayScotland has been asked to participate in a Q and A interview for Business for Scotland, our nation’s largest proIndy campaigning business network and think tank. The organisation is passionate about unlocking Scotland’s potential, by promoting policies that will create sustainable business and economic growth.

Our Q and A will be seen by many people, who will be encountering blockchain for the very first time. Whilst blockchain has a mind-blowing scale of emerging potentials, our niche subject is in specific relation to electronic democracy.


For ease of reference, we therefore list 80 advantages for Scotland, specifically aligned from the perspective of #Blockchain #ElectronicDemocracy. We are of course dealing with totally unprecedented innovation. Can readers help us by adding more advantages? Simply comment on this article, and we can pull ideas together and add to the list. Maybe by helping each other, we can perhaps create 100 ADVANTAGES FOR SCOTLAND.

All of these aspects have been via our twitter:

  1. Firstly, 2014 #IndyRef cost taxpayers £15.85M.
    If running #Blockchain ‘to measure will’, costs are ‘negligible’
  2. Pro rata as 8.3% of UK, Scottish taxpayer election costs are £11.86M. Using #Blockchain, these costs become ‘negligible’ TheCost
  3. 1 and 2 have just saved fellow Scottish taxpayers a sum circa £27,000,000
    Shall we continue?
  4. @YesDayScotland won’t be factoring a 20% ‘consultant fee’ on the £27,000,000 we’ve just saved Scottish taxpayers. Because, we are voluntary! 🙂 LOL
  5. In many ways, #Blockchain will negate the amounts that political parties invest in buying their share of Scotland results Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 09.32.21
  6. In #Scotland – election results aren’t won on merit. The results are purchased. #Blockchain will change that.
    RESULTS ARE DRIVEN BY MERIT Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 09.32.39
  7. #Blockchain will root out political cronyism in #Scotland
    Aye, it’s #GoodnightVienna for #Cronyism Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 09.43.17
  8. #Blockchain #ElectronicDemocracy will root out the sources of #FakeNews –
    #Scotland will therefore become a much more truthful society Truth
  9. As #Scotland will become a more truthful society, we say adios to spivs and speculators
  10. As #Blockchain will root out sources of #FakeNews – Unionist media is therefore held properly to account. For all they say and do
  11. #Blockchain will eg, properly define the ins and out of #GERS
    That’s sure to be of some relief to #Scotland twitterati
  12. #Scotland public infrastructure built on #Blockchain can be inclusive of forward budget planning. With accountants actually held to account!
  13. The days of pantomime Chancellors getting away with ‘unexpected deficits’ are over. #Blockchain holds these people to account in #Scotland
  14. If #Blockchain is used to measure desire for Independence?
    A No result doesn’t end Indy forever
    Re-visit in a few years
    (We have UN rights!) Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 09.54.52
  15. 2017 #CardonaldDay 23.7% by-election turnout?
    #Blockchain will end this pathetic and embarrassing circumstance
  16. The conceptuals of politicians purchasing vote results, based on sub 30% #Scotland turnouts – adios amigos
  17. #Scotland spending millions on general elections, and 50% of the peeps cannae be arsed to vote? LOL#Smartphone #Biometric = #GameChangerScreen Shot 2017-09-16 at 13.24.32biometrics
  18. Scotland youth, currently massively disengaged ‘because the English results dictate the winners’, become … politically engaged! Boulecoin2
    Society. Instead of personal political gain etc
  20. In our heads and hearts, #Blockchain for #Scotland: participation
  21. In our heads and hearts, #Blockchain for #Scotland: involvement
  22. In our heads and hearts, #Blockchain for #Scotland: holistic acceleration
  23. In our heads and hearts, #Blockchain for #Scotland: happiness
  24. In our heads and hearts, #Blockchain for #Scotland: press freedom
  25. In our heads and hearts, #Blockchain for #Scotland: democracy
  26. In our heads and hearts, #Blockchain for #Scotland: PEACE dove4
  27. From current national Scotland general election 50% turnouts, we can dream of the ambition of emulating #Scandinavia turnouts ABOVE 85% LOVE
  28. By voting with #Smartphone #BiometricID
    Many of Scotland’s current 140,000 un-registered voters, will register and involve BiometricScan
  29. If #Blockchain is used to measure #Indy desire?
    Many of Scotland’s 800,000 non-voters, will involve: Democratic progress! Acropolis
  30. In 2014 660,000 Scots registered to vote.
    And then didn’t vote! 15% of our country!
    #Blockchain will make participation much more convenient GoodThings
  31. The comedy of watching annual #GERS debates, ends.
    #Blockchain public infrastructure creates much greater financial clarity GERS
  32. As #Blockchain voting can be tentative and switchable based upon accruing public sentiment, less people will regret previous decisions
  33. #Scotland using #Blockchain will demonstrate in terms of democracy, that #WeAreScotland – we can lead by pioneering worldwide example
  34. We see today, the quite incredible scale of accelerating mass conflict in #Catalonia – If only they could vote using #Blockchain
  35. As the world moves into and through the #FourthIndustrialRevolution – #Scotland can be at the forefront, that potential is very exciting!
  36. Listening to Scots on the radio this morning, arguing about division?
    The use of #Blockchain is a clever way to resolve our mass conflict!
  37. Future voting is based upon downloadable knowledge.
    Scots are clever!
    We don’t ask folk to vote on something written on the side of a bus!
  38. Amazing expertise has already been engaged to write Scotland #Blockchain #DLT strategy. Simply and easily extend it, to including democracy! Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 09.21.20Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 09.21.30
  39. Because #Blockchain will increase holistic inclusiveness, it’s kind.
    No act of kindness is ever wasted.
  40. #Blockchain is evolutionary.
    In terms of #Democracy – IT NEEDS TO BE EMBRACED
  41. There’s a big element of Scots cool bravado, having ambition to embrace /accelerate #Blockchain democracy, with national rollout perspective
  42. Scots are inventors
    So let’s conceive and deliver new democratic invention, with totally jaw-dropping mind-blowing capability
  43. Visibly accumulating #Blockchain statistics become sources of conversation.
    And great Scottish patter!
  44. By increasing vote participation, we accelerate our Culture.
    NB We should have an annual night of culture celebration!!!
    Same as Denmark! DenmarkKulture
  45. This October’s @ScotParl @FoP2017 is about ‘Rebellion and Revolution’
    Why don’t we have a #DigitalRevolution – for real!!!#WoW – Indeed! fop
  46. The combination of #Science #Innovation and #DemocracyProgress – will lead to #Happiness
  47. #Scotland should own Scotland’s data.
    Scotland should control Scotland’s voting.
  48. #Blockchain liberty will maximise political freedom and autonomy, emphasising freedom of choice, voluntary association, judgement, ownership
  49. If you do actually want a 2017 version of The Declaration of Arbroath, there’s relevance in now defining it digitally and democratically
  50. #Scotland and #Innovation – have shaped the world.
    Right now, @scotgov have the opportunity to seize #Blockchain #Democracy
    Take it!
  51. The 2016 #NationalSurvey taught Scots to embrace democracy technology.
    We’ve learnt to stand. And now we can fly 2Mofficial
  52. Principle is ahead of passion.
    And that’s why #Blockchain is the future for #Scotland
  53. #Blockchain embraces social media. The accelerators create participation, organically
  54. #Blockchain #democracy takes the scope of the 2017 @scotgov £36M funding package, to an even better and bigger set of visionary dimensions Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.16.43Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.10.57
  55. The examples that #Scotland can now set, will become ambitious inspiration for the resolving of many mass conflicts across the world
  56. Scotland’s mature voters will be ‘blown away’ by the beauty of the new technology
  57. Grandchild educating grandparent re BiometricID’s – now that’s got to be a fun and joyous process
  58. #Blockchain voting fits perfectly with the generality of the #Scotland #psyche
    Our innermost selves wishes to help others Trainspotting
  59. As the UK government is now ‘examining the benefits of electronic forms of counting’@scotgov – careful you don’t miss the bus
  60. All the latest technological developments need to be harnessed and understood by @scotgov
    That extends to #Blockchain #Democracy
  61. If @scotgov desire to lead digital transformation, they need to support those who are deployed to work smartly, collaboratively, effectively
  62. A #Blockchain #Democracy #Infrastructure – is about far more than online public services. It’s about critical economic success for Scotland!
  63. The #Scotland #democracy sector must exist on a contemporary, digital platform-based business model
  64. Those who have already concluded that #Blockchain can help transform #Scotland into a global 21st century leader? They. Are. Correct.
  65. #Blockchain revolves around Hope. Perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words. And never stops.
  66. #Scotland #democracy is in need of totally radical change.
    #Blockchain is that change
  67. Rappers Love #Blockchain
    Music leads Revolution Revolution
  68. Aye, he who hangeth aboot getteth heehaw Scotland! HeWho
  69. Given the precarious circumstances which Scotland has been dragged into re #Brexit – @scotgov need to take urgent and positive action
  70. Blockchain democracy is accelerating quickly with worldwide global perspective. If #Scotland doesn’t act quickly, Scotland gets left behind revolution4
  71. #Blockchain can seek a democratic agreement, looking to allocate tax £’s, for finishing Scotland’s long-awaited National Monument! Monument
  72. There’s a current realisation, that when Scots put their minds to something, we can truly achieve some greatnessAlso applies to #democracy BridgeSaltireBridgeTartan
  73. #Blockchain will say Goodbye to #Trident
    They can park it on The Thames TridentTrident
  74. #Blockchain can seek a collective consensus in Scotland, on Guaranteed Citizen Income
    Tory #FoodBank mentality disappears
  75. #Blockchain in Scotland
    Will make Scots realise that the success of similar-size Scandinavian country mentality, can be emulated here
  76. #Blockchain in #Scotland
    Richer individuals will gradually realise the benefits of wishing to pay higher tax, to fund a new Scots society
  77. Any legal and regulatory hurdles – to allow #Blockchain to be used nationally, now need to be quickly overcome in #Scotland
  78. ‘I want us to globally lead new #DigitalDemocracy models’ 😍#Blockchain Revolutionaries! In the name of #ElectronicDemocracy, let us unite! digi
  79. And should you wish to consider a vision which extends beyond points 1 -78? digi2
  80. Scotland, and Ambition digi3


All best wishes one and all, join us for ongoing chat, Twitter: @YesDayScotland

Sincere gratitude to all who have helped us to progress electronic democracy chat over these last 3 years. Through 1,000,000 monthly impressions:

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 08.34.43

We’re now in development on a pioneering project to bring Scotland’s first ever demo of a blockchain voting system. This is being worked through with Switzerland’s cutting edge democracy innovation. The project was offered to Scotland via our twitter feed. We never cease to be amazed at the generosity and desire to offer help, to resolve Scotland’s mass conflict, and to voluntarily input in wider contexts.

These are considerations which very clearly demonstrate the capability of modern technology being used for peacefully resolving mass conflict, which is the main centralised theme of our twitter feed.

Visit our Swiss pals Switzerland: BouleCoin

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 09.28.07




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