Long Walk To Freedom. Plus Independence Live’s: Statement to the Sovereign people of Scotland.

Epic walking distances, and the rest! Identity of the two blockchain coders, unexpectedly confirmed! Citizens put at ease with the submission of personal ID, of course! Unexpected future rollout arising, by new circumstance! Citizens make history, obviously! And the chain itself, unbreakable as promised! It has ALL been happening in and around LWTF!

And in historical contexts, Scotland’s pioneering Verified Blockchain signatories realising, that their combined and successful efforts are in reality now, at the global forefront of the democratic architectural underpinning of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

If the successful Verified signatories were to form a human chain, it would now be two miles long. A 30 minute walk! And that, well that didn’t exist before.

And, as it’s Verified, proven, and flawless, it can now be built upon.

The Long Walk to Freedom initiated at Eilean Donan Castle on 18th September 2020, with a scale of stated ambition that’s absolutely unprecedented, taking the overview of the National Blockchain Covenant across Scotland.

This, at a time when many citizens are understandably fearful of the Covid virus, reluctant to venture outdoors, nobody is able to chap doors, let alone being able to participate within massed city centre independence marches. Over the weeks and two months to follow, many of the three routes of planned walks would become impacted by Covid ‘tiered area’ restrictions.

Amongst the mass of published print and social media, what has been achieved? Of walking distances we’re aware of, the 500 miles route came to a necessary pause only 80 or so miles from the intended finish. And the 1320 miles route never stopped, through to today’s official LWTF end, St Andrews Day 2020. Tracking from afar, we’ve seen official walk distances suggesting Pedro Mendez 420 miles, Ever Beag 1,014 miles, Diane Mathieson 700 miles, and Iain Leckenby at 1142 miles. Congratulations to all walkers, support crews, and organisers, and everyone who either walked with social distancing in place, or supported from near or afar. It is remarkable that this has been achieved during the unprecedented national circumstances.

During the project it became crystal clear at outset, that walkers were being told by citizens, that there was a reluctance from many to submit personal data information online. Remember, there has never ever been a citizen initiative like this before, in world history.

So, this led to a profound decision being taken by the previously anonymous two Covenant coders, to step forward and identify themselves in the public domain, and also to confirm exactly, in their own words and definition, what happens with the processing of personal data. So as to deliver requisite clarity, and even greater trust. It certainly came as a great surprise to Scotland YES, that both coders have been absolutely immersed in Scotland YES, for years.

The announcement was delivered by Independence Live.

If you wish to watch the entire Independence Live interview, here it is! Within the interview, Derek and Peter define that there are two mirrored servers, with data processing in Scotland and Belgium. After processing, the data is then secured offline. The detail of this, and the scale of future FCA-approved Vault Storage security, is more fully set out in our Business for Scotland feature article.

To read: Plan to gain independence via Scotland’s Blockchain Covenant explained Noted, this completes article 4 in Blockchain Quadrilogy for Scotland’s largest business network.

Three months before The Long Walk to Freedom physically initiated, a summary was published June 20th on Covenant main site, outlining the potentials and aims for Scotland, of Blockchain Covenant leading to Digital Assembly, leading eventually thereafter, after everyone’s democratic input, to finalising a written Constitution for Scotland.

Covenant article: Phase 2 & 3 The Digital Assembly …

There are very obviously numerous individuals and organisations who absolutely do not wish to see any success with any of these potentials. And having gotten to the point of extremist Naysayers giving up on telling citizens that there would be problems with their data, after it was proven within the first 5,000 submissions that in actual fact there were no problems, yet more rumours then began circulating with yet more disinformation and substance which was to say the least, economical with the truth.

So having gone public with provision of coder identities, Independence Live then placed a further very significant post online, seeking to define aspects re privacy even further again! And, it was certainly crystal clear in those regards. Should you wish to click through, here’s the original post:

For ease of reading:

Lovely to see the above public reaction to the extensive information, ‘Thumbs up, Love, Share’, and all bodes well for the future, IF Scotland can actually grasp the full scale of the potentials.

The Independence Live post had this attached image:

Having been part of the original 2018 #500miles walk, I had started walking 2020s Route 1 with Ever Beag and Karl J Claridge on 18th September, image below via Lorna Taylor. This was on the first significant climb, Skye in the background. What a beautiful Scotland day.

My intention was to re-join Route 1 when it had finished Scotland’s northern coastline, to then complete a second 500 miles south of Inverness. However, for a whole variety of reasons that proved to be impossible.

Needing to stay in my local area of Fife, I decided to do all I could, to support the overview of The Long Walk to Freedom, by walking 500 miles in Fife. And this is where it gets unexpectedly interesting, because LWTF organisers are now going to be taking the same methodologies delivered in the Fife 500 miles, and rolling them out across Scotland and beyond. This has happened in totality, simply by circumstance.

Here is the very first snapshot of the future potentials. As we understand it, all participants also with capability to receive some form of unique ‘souvenir recognition’.

Specifically, set your mileage target, then start recording all activities on the free-to-use Strava App. These automatically upload as you go. Stay safe, no oncoming traffic on roads, stick to trails, paths, pavements, beaches. Any distance, any timeframe. With Strava, you can record walking, running, swimming, wheelchair, hand bike. Statistics self-accumulate. Occasionally broadcast what you are doing, and why you are doing it, directing others to take a few minutes to take their two ID photos and Sign the Covenant.

Some of the series of vlogs during the Fife 500 are already loaded as the very first such clips on a brand new YouTube channel.

So, through Covid and onwards most hopefully for vaccinations for all within the next few months. Then allowing the potentials for the National Covenant to do what it was designed to do, amongst hundreds of thousands of citizens. Via unprecedented holistic community.

Can you imagine 200,000 citizens on the 2021 indy march, all simultaneously recording and broadcasting during the actual occasion? And then each bringing in 11 new friends, family, and colleagues via social media, into and through the Blockchain Covenant signature process? It is ‘as simple as that’, is it not Scotland!

As it stands today, here are the Covenant stats:

There have been thousands of attempts to lie, cheat, impersonate and disrupt. However, not one of those has been successful.

Additionally there have been Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. All systems have withstood everything. Because they have been engineered to be able to do that.

And sadly, many seemingly genuine YESSERS aren’t grasping the importance yet, of providing proper ID. Literally, sending in selfies etc, instead of what’s actually required, to PROVE you are who you say you are.

Once again, please refer to the main site FAQs:

Of the 1803 Verified, congratulations all round. 505 already committed to Scotland’s indy chain, with 1,298 waiting on being added in the next batch, and then issued with Transaction IDs. Congratulations! We are the first citizens in world history, to show that #BlockchainDemocracy can be used for the making of a significant national decision. We are also the first citizens in world history, to show that #BlockchainDemocracy can deliver United Nations rights to self-determination.

Data is secured, systems are delivering exactly as envisaged, and the signature processes are 100% flawless and self-evident.

Meanwhile Scotland YES politicians are hoping for YESsuccess in Scotland’s 2021 elections, so that once again they can ask Westminster for a Section 30 Order, which we have already been told by Westminster, will not be forthcoming. By definition, madness is repeating something and expecting an alternative result. Please Scotland, can we quietly move into a new era of democracy underpinned with Ethereum? This is now physically possible and 100% proven, and it can be delivered with great dignity and aplomb.

I was incredulous to see a significant twitter poll the other day, with circa 95% YES wishing for a paper vote referendum in 2021. So Scotland, you really want to send 30%+ postal votes again, to be counted ‘down south’ by Tory-owned, Tory-run IDOX? Why, would you do that, when you can now count and see your own opinions in the National Blockchain Covenant, in the knowledge that it can be proven your opinion is counted, and the data is secured with Scotland YES?

Someone started watching this 22 minute film explainer for entire project and signature process over on Vimeo, and said, ‘It takes too long to watch!’ Well, if you want a shorter version then go ahead and make your own, it is after all, YOUR Blockchain Covenant Scotland!

This edit was only really created as a celebration of the creation of the project itself, and especially to celebrate the work of the two coders. A first-in-world in so many ways. Most crucially of all perhaps, in giving a very first and very real snapshot of how #BlockchainDemocracy is going to be able to peacefully resolve mass conflict, in any society that respects the combination of #DLT and the very essence of democracy itself.

The son of Han Solo? Guitar Solo!

This is it with Scotland’s Blockchain Covenant. Those who have signed, they ‘get it totally’ simply by going through the signature process. Those who are wary about submitting personal ID, we hope that all new combined substance puts you absolutely at ease.

The questions now? Does Scotland have the wherewithal to make enough citizens aware of the Blockchain Covenant’s existence, and capabilities? And does Scotland then have the determination and tenacity, and bluntly put, the cojones, to fully proceed and thereby gain independence?

Because for sure, the chain itself is defined as we said it would be. Every signature is indisputable, immutable, unique, indelible, and immortalised!

The Ethereum chain, of course, on permanent public display:

In conclusion, two final sets of thoughts from two walkers, screenshots just after they published on the morning of the final day of LWTF.

And to remind you, via source website here is the developmental prototype of a written Constitution for Scotland.

The indy majority is NOT the Endgame. There’s no point in having a revolution unless what it’s replacing is better than before. The Digital Assembly can take what is already defined as The Finest Constitution in existence in the world today, certainly the first ever to be wired with #DLT, and ask the citizens, to agree it, refine it, improve it.

After adoption of a written Constitution, that’s when the hard work begins, with Scotland then hopefully on its way to eventually achieve a top 5 listing in The World Happiness Report. Today, Scotland doesn’t even merit a listing. The people of Scotland can change this, but it’s certainly the people who need to make it happen.

All best wishes to one and all.

Nicholas Russell / 2015 founder YesDayScotland / Covenant facilitator, prior to the project being 100% handed into the ownership of the citizens of Scotland, as at spring 2020. And NB It can’t be switched off. Decentralised capability.

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