Pull up a seat, and get ready to enjoy a new democracy cocktail!

Twitter: @YesDayScotland has successfully initiated the world’s first #BlockchainDemocracy demo.

Sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed via Twitter over the last 3 years.

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The blockchain demo went live on October 22nd 2017, via Switzerland’s BouleCoin – DO YOU WANT SCOTLAND TO BECOME AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY?


The original intention had simply been to demonstrate a few restricted votes, however one single tweet accelerated into seeing the online system processing 1,000 votes in the first 24 hours.


Boule’s ICO Launches with Alpha Platform successful trial on their Blockchain Voting Technology

The demo system itself has been enabled for 1 calendar month. Anyone anywhere can participate. The demo only operates via mobile phone confirmation, or passport upload.


If translated in the future into a real vote, the blockchain system would however combine voter recognition via formalised Digital ID’s in conjunction with Biometric Facial scans.


Blockchain also has scope to perhaps incorporate visible statistics, tentative and sentiment voting.

We discussed more blockchain specifics within our October Q and A article for Business for Scotland. With some 10,000+ at source readers, and heading 500 at source page shares, the article went worldwide viral, amazing to see the conversation spread so widely. How Blockchain technology can transform voting in Scotland

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 09.56.19

So what happens now in Scotland, beyond the scope of the demo vote system? Subject (a) to any regulatory and compliance issues resolving, and (b) defining which blockchain platform should (or could?) be used – blockchain democracy can establish, for example, for a one month referendum on Independence. At the same time, it could also perhaps be used to ask Scots to vote about desire to remain within the EU, as well as determining the future of Trident?

Two choices, either:
1. Scotland’s government replicate the existing scopes now in operation in Switzerland, and provide all Scots with Digital ID’s, in conjunction with a de-centralised voting platform. Digital ID’s, Zug 4.4M ID cards, please!

2. Technology enables citizens to create their own digital ID’s, citizens then proceed themselves. A Sovereign Identity for a Sovereign Scotland?

There is of course a third choice. No doubt Westminster’s preferred option. Stick once again with the archaic referendum paper vote process, with individuals illegally taking tallies of postal votes, and one side getting to count the votes. With an entire population also now subjected to mainstream media lies and manipulation, generated bots, and social media dark adverts. Unless someone in Scotland’s government stands up for a better democracy, that is exactly what Scotland will be in line for once again. Over to the politicians.

Here are links to 4 sources for accelerating the scope of blockchain democracy. – BouleCoin – HorizonState – FollowMyVote – Votem

Twitter: YesDayScotland  is now liaising with Scotland MP Martin Docherty-Hughes, who has very kindly volunteered to become the first MP to help, by participating on a project to deliver Scotland’s first ever politician’s Q and A on the future blockchain democracy. This is not a project which can be rushed, because in order to properly define answers, politicians are going to need to very carefully consider compliance and regulation, as well as the capabilities of specific blockchain platforms. So, all we can say is *watch this space*

Our twitter has centred on ‘the capability of modern technology to successfully resolve mass conflict’, and as our recent article for Business for Scotland concluded:

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 13.24.22

Pause for a minute however, and actually contemplate some Scotland maths.

In 2014 there were (apparently) 2M No voters, 1.6M YES voters, and 800,000 non-voters. (Figures based on a total 4.4M potential electorate, including estimate 140,000 currently un-registered)

If blockchain voting on Independence is enabled for a month? What happens if all the previous YES voters can organise themselves to an unprecedented level, so as to encourage all previous non-voters to vote YES – via doorstep conversations across the country? And then add in the many former No voters who have obviously now switched to YES, due to the horrific implications for Scotland, of the apparently pending Hard Brexit?

Well, an orangutan could maybe work that one out 🙂

Nothing can ever be taken for granted. Scotland’s YESSERS will reap what is sown. And as we have suggested numerous times on twitter, ‘if blockchain democracy itself proceeds, and either side of a debate uses media lies and manipulation, or uses bots, or uses social media dark adverts, the result should not be allowed to stand’. It’s easy to get to the truth when those are the rules …

Stating the patently obvious as well. If Scotland’s YESSERS are to prevail, and providing a blockchain platform is enabled to requisite levels of security as promised by platform providers… Before initiating any blockchain voting, there needs to be a Strategic Launch Plan in place, on a scale and breadth of vision which nobody has ever seen before in Scotland.  And that Strategic Plan must also fully incorporate contracted-in expertise, into the cutting edge use of all dynamics of all social media channels. If these aspects are not properly in place, Dear Scotland – prepare for Mr Corbyn’s ‘New Act of Union’ …

‘figuring Scotland’s maths’ …


And in passing:


Because, there is currently no democracy in Thailand. Voting is not currently enabled. That’s why we chose Thailand, as a relevant place from which to initiate blockchain democracy.

To explain, Thailand has 3 rulers. Those are. The army, revered royalty, and Buddha.

90% of Thailand’s 68M people already own a mobile phone. As and when (and if) smartphone blockchain democracy initiates for real in Thailand, democracy itself may well become established. And in passing, if given the ability to vote, everyone we met and talked to, would vote for at least one of the 3 current rulers above.

What an amazing country. And writing additionally from a hospitality perspective about Bangkok as the world’s most visited city, tourism and delivery at levels which are in so many ways, quite simply beyond belief. What a place.



A glut of gleaming new skyscrapers also evidences booming business in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok. People talk of a rebirth as a thoroughly modern metropolis. That, surely is reflective of blockchain democracy, a visionary aesthetic fit?


The Blockchain demo itself initiated 2 hours south of Bangkok, from the city of Pattaya. Souvenir photos:




You’ll need to look closely! – ‘people in boats, their futures’

‘Acknowledging Scotland’s first 500 blockchain demo votes’

‘scale of potential vast beyond belief, driven by one individual at a time, sky, horizon and surface blending into new future’

Images taken 18 floors up, Jomtien, Chom Tian, Dvarree
Through Aviary app, and run twice through Keylime lens effect





All best wishes, Twitter: @YesDayScotland

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 14.52.38





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