We call upon Scotland’s government to provide the people of Scotland with an online register, to allow everyone to either confirm their desire for Independence, or not.

This can be positioned in exactly the same way as Scotland’s pioneering groundbreaking E-Democracy 2016 #NationalSurvey – with one very significant difference. It needs to be fully and securely interfaced with Scotland’s electoral roll.

Two distilled quotes about Scotland’s 2016 #NationalSurvey

‘Overwhelming’ Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland 1.12.2016

‘Highly effective’ Alex Salmond, Former First Minster of Scotland


As part of a future online register citizen sign-in, authentication and user journey online process, it also needs to be compulsory for all users to download a completely simplified and updated White Paper, and opportunity should be provided for time to be taken to appraise that content prior to moving to the stage of answering the big digital question:

Completely straightforward?

Ask only one question, ‘Do you want Scotland to become an Independent country?’

YES, or No? A digital tickbox answer.


  • With historic reference, back in the 1950’s 2,000,000 Scots signed a YES Covenant
  • A 2017 National Online Register should seek to involve as many of Scotland’s 4.4M potential electorate, as is possible
  • Online Register can brim with cutting edge modern features
  • Online Register can operate similarly to 2016 #NationalSurvey – which was enabled for 3 months
  • As 2016’s #NationalSurvey had more than 2M participants, that equates as 45% of Scotland’s potential electorate. That was achieved remarkably, without any assistance whatsoever from any media. What transpired to become the biggest political survey in Scotland’s history was ignored in totality by all newspapers and broasdcasters, for the 3 months over which it ran. It was driven, only, by the people
  • 45% of Scotland is already therefore fully versed with the experience of using online facility to submit political opinion
  • Online Register should seek to repeat the ethos of 2016’s #NationalSurvey, which was conducted with absolute dignity
  • Having seen what Scotland’s communities did with last year’s mind-blowing 2M participants? That gives FAITH in project participation
  • Scotland’s citizens do not need anyone’s ‘permission’ for an Online Register. To the contrary, under United Nations law, all countries have the right to self-determination
  • If it is the will of the people, Independence Majority can build via Community, in exactly the same was as 2016’s incredible #NationalSurvey
  • Compared to the 2014 referendum cost of £15.85M, there’s minimal costs involved
  • Tories taking their tallies and counting votes? No thanks. We need modern technology, here in Scotland. DTL’s. Blockchain. Mirrored servers. Records for UN inspectors
  • Scotland’s Parliament has already approved another referendum. That scope can simply be translated into taking place in the format of an Online Register
  • We asked Twitter to show us one YES politician who thinks a referendum is safer than a National online YES register? There were no suggestions
  • Why would any YES politician wish a 1 day referendum, which could be cheated or lost, ending Indy forever? ONLINE REGISTER IS SAFER OPTION
  • Both sides of the Independence debate can use their existing #BIGDATA to accelerate participation, albeit only in ways fully compliant with the newly updated ICO guidelines May 2017 updated ICO guidelines
  • To increase participation, we’d recommend visible statistics
  • To further increase participation, we’d also recommend full social media capability to ‘add photography with personalised message, and share your online register news’
  • Online Register would be holistically inclusive, organically reaching and extending to many people who otherwise wouldn’t vote
  • As a by-product of registration and participation, future voter turnout would increase. Especially if within the Scottish government’s newly announced trials of digitalised voting in Scotland
  • The Scottish Government has recently allocated £36M to fund Scotland’s #DigitalRevolution – on that basis alone it makes sense to use digital, to capability Scotland’s 2017 Digital Strategy
  • As things stand, heading circa 30% of Scotland is currently aligning for the use of existing postal votes, sent in the post to IDOX, which we understand is owned by a structure which is perceived to be set against Scotland’s Independence. Online Register needs zero HQ bias
  • Zero HQ bias Online Register can use social media’s many existing capabilities to physically encourage all citizens simply to take part
  • There are many Scots within the 55% who never participated in the 2016 #NationalSurvey – who had never actually heard of the survey itself. Online Register resolves
  • Easy peasy, a phone number for any elderly who wish assistance with online submission – all via Community
  • Having indicated that 2020’s General Election would include digitalised voting, Tory 2017 Election Manifesto has now ditched that aspect of progress, specifies : ‘Stick with paper and pencils’ – we suggest that has been done to restrain all electoral digital progress in Scotland, to remove necessary increased voter participation, and to endeavour to continue to alienate as high a % of Scotland’s youth, from voting itself. With all due respect, we’d like to see Scotland joining other countries who have already modernised their archaic voting systems years ago

As only one example of a relevant online platform upon which a national online register could be hosted: Tectonica Nationbuilder Online Platform

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 11.59.17

In any event, we would recommend that the Scottish government ensures DTL Distributed Transaction Ledgers, Blockchain with indelible digital records for UN inspector access. And noted using Tectonica as an example, that would involve HQ elsewhere, therefore at least one server would be needed with a Scotland base, under direct Scottish government cross spectrum supervision.

All best wishes,

Twitter: @YesDayScotland

ADDITION 9th June 2017, following the General Election results, and 20 days onwards from publishing the above article, we highlight a new article which has appeared on BBC News. Scottish voters targeted by ‘dark ads’

Addition 1st July 2017. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen a very significant acceleration in interest, in the scope of potential Online Register. We have completely unprecedented wordpress stats, and many people have been sharing posts throughout social media sites. It has been humbling to see this, and completely heartwarming to basically only see recurring sentiments again and again, of Love and Happiness. That must mean that those who contributed to the 30,000 tweet journey, with 50 progressively accumulating wordpress articles, have obviously given all aspects a comprehensive consideration! Sincere gratitude one and all.

wordpress June 2017:

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 10.53.42

Main countries:

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 08.20.12

With all this in mind, we’ve now taken the above article and compressed it into a 4 minute film clip. Streaming from Facebook YesDayScotland Facebook Portal – on day one we’ve seen over 2,000 post views, NB *in the open public domain* – as opposed to Closed Group, and we’ve not seen one single negative comment. Not one!!! Now that, is quite remarkable!!! Here’s a direct link to the clip, over on YouTube. Independence via Electronic Democracy

On behalf of every single contributor on the twitter journey, many thanks for your time. If our collective efforts result in any mass conflict anywhere being resolved with the assistance of the latest modern era technology, well – that would be quite something to see. Let the dove fly, with Scotland’s blue olive branch of love and peace.


It would seem to be the case that the scope of Online Registers, is stepping right into the void left by rigged desktop digital counting machines!!! Our turning point was the introduction of new technology a considerable time ago, specifically DTL’s – Distributed Transaction Ledgers, in tandem with verification as required, via eg the United Nations Inspector Team processes.

The original DTL suggestion via Twitter, was from Stuart Blair, a software career-based Scot who lives in California. Our sincere thanks and best wishes from sunny Scotland.



    1. Yes . I want free from austerity where peoples lives are worth more than a few thousand pounds . A place my children can create exciting prospects and be free to live in a world of acceptance and democracy . Where you dont get anything for free but to learn the values of working hard and actually having the oppertunity to do so . For free university grants and no fees . We along with ainchient Sparta created free education . How many know that ? So I say YES , YES and YES .




  1. We as Scots are not respected by our counterparts but demonised instead . I treat my daughter in law who is English as family and as a former shop steward treated all as equals regardless of nationality. That has changed we are hated by the world because of Tory lies you teresamay should be ashamed of yourself wake up now


    1. I live in Spain,and as a result come into contact with people from all over Europe ,when they ask which part of england I come from and I explain that I am a Scot their altitude changes and becomes more friendly.They cannot understand why we voted against Indy in 2014, when I explain about the lies that were told about having to leave the EU the general feeling is “you can’t expect anything else from English politicians “,Perfidious Albion!!!


  2. I wasn’t sure about this one when I read the headline but having gone through the article I think it has a lot of merit.

    It would be great to further explore with Scottish Parliament backing.


  3. You say ….
    “There are many Scots within the 55% who never participated in the 2016 #NationalSurvey – who had never actually heard of the survey itself. Online Register resolves”
    Don’t confuse Scots with people who live in Scotland.
    There are about 800,000 non Scots living in Scotland.
    Ask a second question
    “where were you born”
    “are you Scottish”


  4. Give us our freedom! Westminster are a shower of shite excuse the language! A independent Scotland is a strong Scotland.we don’t need England and there wars also they are for the rich NOT THE PEOPLE!!


  5. Digital voting sounds cool , I’ve thought in the past that voting should be linked in this way .there’s virtually no way to tamper with results as long as you have good anti virus protection. It also reaches people who wouldn’t normally vote for whatever reason .good call .
    It’s aboot time.


  6. As a nationalist permanently exiled in the 1950s because of my “radical” political views (which I won’t state here, but which are outlined in my memoir RETIRED TERRORIST), I’ve always feared my residency abroad might compromise me from having my views considered. Would this be true in the current circumstance?


  7. All for Indy register.
    100% sold on independence
    Needs to happen. Won’t go away
    Tide is turning we are just at tide out time
    How exciting is this
    Wooooooo hoooooo


      1. Westminster has been a giant leech on Scotland for centuries and has treated us with contempt. Time to retrieve our autonomy as so many other countries worldwide have done.


  8. yes will stop torys with their blue felt tip pen taking out borders and aberdeenshire …..and stop rd sampling the postalvotes .—-and all of whatever else went on to make us lose the last indy


  9. Thoroughly enjoyable read and I agree with sentiments raised.
    I’ve not read all the comments but if Angus Robertson’s name cropped up as being the person to lead this it would
    1) Stop the Scot Tories/Lab/Libdems from banging on about Nicola “getting on with the day job”
    2) Have a excellent politician who knows his way around
    3) Even Alex Salmond as his No.2


  10. Great idea- but it has to be timed properly. It should be done after the Indy campaign has started and all of the supporting arguments are in place from the likes of Common Weal, Independence Conventiona and, dare I say it, the SNP. To ask the question now is dangerous; not much has materially changed since the general election and the results could be counter productive.


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