‘Exhausted, inspired, and blistered. The YESSERS have amassed the biggest YES TO INDY Database in Scotland’s History’


When our Twitter feed @YesDayScotland started in summer 2015, we were simply talking about E-Democracy, and how it could be used to peacefully resolve mass conflict, in any situation which respected freedom of speech and computer literacy. It was only as we progressed, and to our surprise and wonder, that we came to fully understand that the subject of E-Democracy itself, didn’t seem to exist in Scotland!

At outset we had no idea that we would end up a year later, providing a 3 month Twitter narrative on Scotland’s biggest political survey in history, the first ‘listening exercise’ survey in Scotland to incorporate E-Democracy, albeit with methodology not interfaced to Scotland’s electoral roll.

The results are astonishing. YES has apparently amassed the BIGDATA from an awe-inspiring 2,000,000 respondents. Within this mind-blowing amount and heading a remarkable 50,000,000 digitalised answers, YES has also amassed an ability to recognise and ‘reach out to’ many Soft No’s in the future as well. And, to do this digitally, and inspirationally, using the very latest cutting edges of social media capability.

Between Survey launch on Sept 2nd, and conclusion 3 months later on St Andrew’s Day 30th November, what was the mainstream media coverage of all this sensational and miraculous activity? Well, the Tories initially tried to shut the survey down, and that was widely reported. It wasn’t widely reported however, that they were unsuccessful.

And then there was nothing. Literally nothing. For months. Months of complete and utter media silence. Even Scotland’s two ‘proIndy’ newspapers had nothing to say.

In the final week, three tiny wee press articles, from small regional publications. And a negative slanter from The Guardian, which didn’t even consider the aspect of E-Democracy.

Finally, one day before the survey concluded, ScotNational published a few words, albeit with a relevant headline suggesting ‘Gold Dust’. Better late than never.


In the interim, thousands of Digitalised Freedom Activists had taken to Scotland’s streets. And as not one single publication in Scotland has done so, we take the opportunity today to thank you and congratulate you and everyone else who participated, on your truly phenomenal, staggering achievements, specifically in what you have done to show the world how E-Democracy works!!!

Ignored by all media, you stood shoulder to shoulder across our nation. You were asked to step forward to The Digital Line, and you did that en masse, together. It was suggested it would be relevant for people to pull together and use the survey, and ‘not let our First Minister down’, by repaying the faith she had placed in the population, by doing all possible to participate.

Well Scotland, you didn’t merely participate. In your hands you had a worldwide shining light for E-Democracy, and you showed the world how to use it, and you also showed who we actually are. You also showed the media, that we don’t need them. We did it all without any mainstream media.

So, here we are today. The First Minister refers to the experience of using E-Democracy as ‘overwhelming’, well the people themselves made that happen.

The courageous efforts so many people made, were extraordinary. Many people went out of their ordinary effort comfort zones, acknowledging the best way to predict a new future, is to create it.

Wake up. Kick Digital ass. Repeat!

People messaged us at survey outset saying things like, ‘I’m exhausted, yet inspired’, ‘my feet are blistered from delivering hard copies’, ‘our wee team has nailed 700 houses in a few hours’, and so on.

It was truly remarkable to see. And then the images started appearing. The first MSP was Fife’s Jenny Gilruth, with a selfie from the promenade at Leven Beach. We noted the demographic of those who were with Jenny, and they weren’t all teenagers!


And then the next image arrived. A streetstall in Edinburgh’s Princes St. staffed by smiling teenagers!!!

Then the next image arrived. Pensioners in a village hall, all looking very focussed and talking about the national survey.

And at this point it had become apparent that the survey wasn’t only going to be SNP-centric, it began to very quickly expand beyond that. It was also patently obvious that the result would likely be YES-centric. There was virtually zero No activity on Twitter, and many No voters sadly didn’t even want to take part.

We never saw one single No streetstall. And we certainly never saw any No voters celebrating their No participation.

So whilst all the media remained silent, the people simply pulled together as one, and got on with the job. Led, and again patently obviously by Freedom Activists.

Images then circulated showing people out and about doing their best in the rain, at night, and then in Baltic conditions. That, Dear Scotland, was certainly the shoulder of Freedom Activism getting pushed onto the digital wheel. And one thing remained as a constant, the spirit of positivity.

All across Scotland, people very quickly began to stop referring to Independence as ‘a dream’, and began realising that the #NationalSurvey was A Plan.

This was Scotland saying, ‘We’re not downgrading our Dream of Independence to fit a reality of current Unionism, we’re collectively upgrading our conviction to match our destiny!!!’

It was the finest most holistic conversation Scotland has seen. Calm, measured, polite. It was based upon Truth, Love, Hope and Courage, the 4 Horses of The Jockalypse!

Door-to-door, street by street. Scot to Scot. Scot to English now resident in Scotland. People who had never voted before. Across the span of everybody. On a lookout for OAP’s who had no internet access. iScot to iScot.

And with a smile. Look at the images. People smiling and getting on with it in all conditions. THAT, is Scotland. #WeAreScotland


Family member to family member, work colleague to work colleague. Friend to friend. Unprecedented community empowerment.

And all of this was achieved without a highly defined ‘social media push’ from all YES websites? Some YES websites didn’t realise that what they were witnessing, was actually the biggest massing of YES information in Scotland’s history. Again, those are perhaps wonderful lessons for the future, to help others elsewhere.

And whilst @theSNP say they aren’t releasing the survey results, as is their prerogative, maybe one day we’ll all find out.

On thing for sure, those who participated from a YES perspective, have delivered a YES database which could be at least 15 times bigger than any digitalised YES database ever seen in Scotland. Maybe it is even larger, who knows? What we do know is that it has already been described as ‘highly effective’, and ‘the data will be used for future political campaigns’. We’ve already gone one further elsewhere on our wordpress, outlining how, why and where the Data itself will alone potentially lead to Independence. If it is used as it can be. By the SNP.

And the finest thing of all? We were most humbled to Tweet a few minutes after midnight on the final night, following a very large glug of whisky, that the entire conversation had concluded without one single recorded unbecoming incident.

Scotland, you are a worldwide Class Act.

Congratulations all round, best wishes to everyone who participated.

(There’s a 4 minute film clip below. Maybe you are in it! We made it purely and simply to pass onwards to Twitter pals in Catalonia, Quebec, Wales and Ireland)

As a result of what everyone has achieved with #NationalSurvey, that has also enabled a further Twitter conversation. We are collating together, and will submit online into The Public Consultation on a Second Referendum. Not one single Twitter user tells us they want archaic paper slip voting. They want Digital. And they want any future referendum, should one even be required, to be properly interfaced with Scotland’s electoral roll, and run digitally. Similar format as #NationalSurvey, with better social media Share Capability, and Dynamic real time counting. And we’ve also asked Twitter how long it should run for! 10% currently say one day, 33% say one week, and 57% say one month. (NB 2,000 Tweet views with less than 100 folk wishing to stick their neck out and venture their opinion!!!) If you wish to change that poll, it is pinned on Twitter for the next 3 days.

A referendum with a start point of YES Digitalised Power Potential at least 15 times more powerful than that seen in the #NationalSurvey. Indeed, that is what the people have achieved.

Twitter: @YesDayScotland



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