Quotes about Scotland’s Electronic Democracy via ‪#TheNationalSurvey


Proposals for ‘a website to measure the will of the people’ first emerged via ongoing dialogue from Twitter: @YesDayScotland back in September 2015. At outset, all involved in that most heartfelt discussion were fully aware that unionist-owned mainstream media would not wish to embrace the conceptuals of Electronic Democracy. This would be an inescapable reality due to the alignment towards Scotland’s potential Independence, if in due course it transpired that was indeed to be the measured will of the people, via the finest Community discussion Scotland has ever seen.

One year onwards, and two months into the three month E-Democracy National Survey campaign, it is great to see that the scope of E-Democracy has already been so fully embraced across Scotland. Whilst eventual participant numbers remain to be seen, and NationBuilder’s website voter verification remains to be more fully clarified by the SNP, two things are very clear indeed:

  1. Scotland has become a worldwide shining light for the emergence of E-Democracy.
  2. Given data analytics are the future of everything, the SNP will conclude #TheNationalSurvey with an amount of data which is completely unprecedented in Scotland’s political history.

With a stated desire to involve 2,000,000 participants answering 24 online questions, the SNP will have 48,000,000 digitalised answers to appraise and summarise.

And as #TheNationalSurvey now moves into the final month of operation, many Nationalists are already wondering why the SNP would actually stop at asking 2,000,000 participants? If #TheNationalSurvey were to deliver a population majority mass of 2,250,000 digitally saying YES to Independence, that would surely underpin the legitimacy and potential of the SNP and the Scottish Green Party combining their Holyrood YES majority with all other Scottish YES politicians, in the form of a Holyrood UDI vote?

This is all however set against the backdrop of entire sections of Scotland remaining completely unaware today, of the existence of #TheNationalSurvey itself. If the SNP and all YES politicians can somehow find a way to fully harness the digital capabilities in the final month of availability, the end results could be truly remarkable for the cause of Independence.

If the existing 124,000 SNP members were to join hands, their line would stretch for 70 miles. Armed with Smartphones linked to #TheNationalSurvey – well there’s the ongoing capability! Each SNP member has also been provided with multiple hard copies of #TheNationalSurvey, which laid end to end would stretch 210 miles! With all this deployment and hard work, the most focussed Nationalists must be wondering how Cultural Nationalism can be truly enabled in the final 30 days of potential?

 Quotes about Scotland’s Electronic Democracy via ‪#TheNationalSurvey

‘Today I launched The National Survey. It’s Scotland’s biggest ever political listening exercise … Should we consider Independence again if that’s the best or only way to protect Scotland’s interests? The debate over the best future for Scotland is alive again … Ask your family and friends to take part too … You are all Scotland’s voice, so let’s hear you’ Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister

‘The National Survey therefore is important. Post-EU referendum, how does Scotland best equip itself for the future? … Exercises in democracy can seem dull and futile, or loaded towards the wanted answers. But I urge everyone – nuanced unionists like me, ardent ones too, nationalists, every thinking Scot who cares about their country – to do the survey, and as honestly as they can. Negotiation is in all our interests’ Melanie Reid (2014 No Voter) of The Times, for STV News

‘A new independence initiative … it is aimed at people from ‘all walks of life’’ John Lamont MSP, Scottish Conservative chief whip

A massive data collection exercise … a massive and sophisticated exercise … Lib Dem campaigners will probably be going ‘ooh, that’s clever’’ Caron Lindsay, Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice

‘The biggest listening exercise in Scottish National Party history … a plan to reach more than two million Scots in 90 days through online surveys, doorstep discussions and town hall meetings … will run from now until St Andrew’s Day, on 30 November’ Libby Brooks, Scotland correspondent, The Guardian

‘A dedicated website hosting the survey went live today, as the nationalist party launches a huge data-gathering exercise to inform its drive for independence in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU against the will of the majority of Scots … the grassroots drive … aimed primarily at so-called ‘soft No voters’ who were willing to be persuaded of the benefits of independence last time around but remained unconvinced by polling day’ Chris Green iNews

‘A prolonged charm offensive … If you speak to groups of friends on WhatsApp, says the guide, why not drop the National Survey into the conversation?’ Euan McColm, The Scotsman

‘Massive, unprecedented consultation with the people of Scotland, over Independence … All very exciting! Do tell us what some of the results are!’ Gordon Brewer BBC Scotland

Whilst digitalised progress will never ever please every single individual all of the time, it certainly appears to be the case that the original YesDayScotland conclusions are standing the test of time: ‘DIGITALISED INNOVATION ADORED BY YES AND ACCEPTED BY NO’

Please do add your opinions: http://www.survey2016.scot – and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

All best wishes



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