Open Letter to Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations:

Dear Kofi,

You very kindly visited Scotland to deliver The 2009 Adam Smith Lecture. This writer recognised that your words that night would continue to resonate, and they certainly do so with even deeper integrity today.

You specifically talked of justice, generosity, public spiritedness, solidarity, transparency and democratic accountability.

Even more importantly, you also talked of countries with ‘Election results too often contested. Too many conflicts. Too much suffering’.

It is on that basis that we write to you today, to highlight a new conceptual invention from Scotland which can completely remove the aspect of Election results being contested.

For ease of reference and context, additional excerpts from your Adam Smith Lecture:

‘I hope Adam Smith would approve. The ‘Wealth of Nations’ was his most famous work, but this year is the 250th anniversary of his ‘Theory of Moral Sentiment’.

And of course, the values that underpin economics and finance could not be more relevant today…

In ‘Theory of Moral Sentiment’, Smith declared the need for actions based on universal values which go far beyond the profit motive – and indeed which must provide the framework for the market to work effectively.

The great economist must be looking down on the world today and wondering why his lessons were not heeded…

But he also talked explicitly of the need for “humanity, justice, generosity and public spirit” to guide our decisions.

These are values which we all understand. They are the basis for healthy communities.

We try, often without success, to allow them to guide us in our personal lives and behaviour…

If, heaven forbid, Scotland was hit by some terrible calamity, her people would expect fairness, efficiency and a voice in the way the authorities organized themselves to respond to it.

There would be recognition that the most vulnerable and most affected deserve help first.

And outrage if some people got priority treatment because of their connections or wealth.

Without leadership, policies and practices rooted in basic values, our efforts to address climate change, inequality and injustice will be doomed to failure.

In a world beset with problems, we cannot afford to get this wrong.

And if we get it right, then 250 years after ‘Theory of Moral Sentiment’ was published we might finally have learned the lessons that Smith was trying to teach us’.

We therefore write to introduce OCM. Online Charter Methodology. #OCM

Scotland was indeed hit by a calamity. This took the form of The 2014 Referendum on Scotland’s Independence, a process which divided the population in two.

6 years onwards from your lecture, it may now have taken us 256 years in total to truly learn the lessons that Smith was trying to teach us. OCM is the end results of those lessons, with definitive mathematical conclusions.

We have set out numerous articles which explain what is in summary a devastatingly simple solution and process, whereby a forward movement’s scale and mass are measured using modern era technology, in a mathematical format which demonstrates absolute democracy, and unquestionable integrity.

These articles are available via

There are no applied trademarks, patents or copyrights. The #OCM process can be freely used.

Please feel free to convey onwards as you see fit. We hope that our contribution can enable peaceful resolutions to mass conflicts.

We convey our kindest regards from Scotland,

Twitter: @YesDayScotland



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