Introducing the scope of The Charter, a pioneering worldwide precedent for precisely measuring the will of the people.
The Charter offers a truly joyful and patriotic process to bring peace, unity and harmony to our divided population.

Dear First Minister,

In terms of potential future Independence we are very happy to see that you have very wisely urged calm restraint.
We write today, to provide Scotland with a logical solution.

A brand new proposal has originated from within Scotland’s online Twitter community. The Charter, is an online platform which measures the will of the people, via an accumulating online YES vote.

The physical workings of The Charter have capability to deliver Scotland’s Independence via a safe, viable and peaceful democratic resolution, using cutting-edge modern-era online technology.

There is no other mechanism in worldwide existence, which can more accurately or more fairly measure the will and desire of a nation’s people.

An online secured and verifiable majority would enable Scotland’s First Minister to legitimately thereafter have grounds to make a (UDI) Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

Given the existence of the scope and workings of The Charter, we suggest that any fellow politician who desires Independence via UDI or a 2nd Referendum, is either having difficulty embracing facts, or has motivations which are against the best interests of the people of Scotland.

The case against UDI without prior population majority:
A May 2016 Holyrood SNP majority would already provide scope for UDI to be made by Scotland’s First Minister, however without firstly establishing a prior population majority it would be unfair and disrespectful to the population, politically irresponsible, and potentially catastrophic for generations to come.
There is no logic in creating an Independent Scotland with a population which still thereafter remains divided.

The case against a 2nd Referendum:
Those politicians who desire a 2nd Referendum within the next decade are well advised to take time to consider that this is currently a mathematical, statistical and demographic nightmare which could actually end The Dream of Independence. Having lost a 2nd Referendum by a heart-breaking 0.4%, Quebec’s lessons of history are not Scotland’s to repeat.

The case for The Charter:
All pro-Indy politicians will do very well to fully recognise that only 37% of Scotland’s electorate actually turned out to vote YES in 2014’s Referendum. To deliver a majority will require dedicated and incredibly focussed political commitment, graft, and education.

The true will of the people who do desire Independence will categorically require to be warmly and sufficiently embraced by others. Whilst there are certainly a proportion of No voters who have changed their minds since 2014, there are potentially much larger numbers of those who didn’t vote, and those who weren’t even registered to vote. That combination, is what can successfully deliver Scotland’s majority via The Charter.

With a process inclusive of celebratory social media, The Charter seeks to deliver a majority of the entire 100% of the electorate, in contrast to seeking a majority of the 84.2% 2014 Referendum voter turnout. Compared to a Referendum, the Charter process therefore resonates in that regard alone with a much deeper and longer-lasting integrity.

The Charter is completely community involving and holistically inclusive, reaching out to those on the very fringes of society, vast numbers of non-registered voters.

The mathematics and statistics are crystal clear. When compared to a Referendum, The Charter is statistically much more likely to enable success.

Kindest regards,

on behalf of Twitter: @YesDayScotland



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